Dear Friend of Promise Pointe

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Promise Point and for the benefit of our residents, we are pleased
to present this proposal for funding.
Promise Pointe is an innovative community of tiny houses located in Victoria County serving formerly
homeless persons who apply to and are accepted into the community. Our community, it’s volunteers
and one staff person support our residents to help them help themselves in community with others.
The results are astounding. Hearts are healed, hope is rediscovered and purpose and dignity are
To increase the opportunity for successful transition from homelessness to reintegration into
the public community or transition into life beyond Promise Pointe, we must provide a way for our
residents to increase their income and be able to live financially independent. Using the model provided
by Community First! Village in Austin, our next step is to create a MicroEnterprise Center. The
MicroEnterprise Center will be a place to create, learn, market and sell hand-crafted goods, art and
The total project cost is $430,126. To date, we have raised more than 5O% of the funds needed and
have begun construction! We invite YOU to be a partner with Promise Pointe and other donors to bring this project to completion.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sister Rebecca, Executive Director
at 361.571.2589 or via email at [email protected]

lt is our honor to serve the needs of often underserved persons in our community.

Thank you for your
consideration of our request.

About Promise Pointe:
Designated as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in 2O17, the Board of Directors hired an Executive
Director experienced with homeless community development in 2018 and created a Strategic Plan.
Later that year, property was purchased and the first two residents moved into their new homes in
November of 2018.
Our vision is to end homelessness through community. To achieve this vision, our mission is to provide
the homeless of Victoria,Texas and the Crossroads region with permanent, affordable housing and a
transformative, supportive residential community. At Promise Pointe, we offer job training,
microenterprise opportunities, and other resources for self-sufficiency. Our staff and volunteers
assist in identifying each resident’s goals in life and support them toward achieving those goals. Our
residents become active members of the community and play a personal role in bettering their own
Promise Pointe is an innovative community of furnished tiny homes rented to area homeless persons
who have completed an application and screening process. Residents have access to communal
restroom facilities, laundry and kitchen facilities. Promise Pointe is a place of healing and positive
connections while providing support that encourages hope, purpose and the restoration of

Why MicroEnterprise?
Micro enterprise means very small business, usually one person with a skill or talent. Rawley McCoy
was one such individual with a skill for architecture, who put his talent to work, eventually leading a
thriving architectural firm which employed many talented people. RMA Architects and lnterior
Designers created spaces in the Crossroads region including schools, hospitals, auditoriums and even
housing for homeless persons. The design of the MicroEnterprise building at Promise Pointe is simple in
design. The facility is a nod to Rawley’s attention to detail and love for his fellow man. lt is our pleasure
to place his name on this building in honor of his service to our community.
The MicroEnterprise Center will provide space for creativity in horticulture, arts and crafts,
woodworking and textiles. Some residents already have these skills. Others will be encouraged to
create and learn new skills. The Center will feature a market area where residents can sell their work and
interact with the public. The MicroEnterprise center will grow residents’ financial management skills,
provide creative outlets, increase their interaction with the larger community and grow their personal
self-worth. At Promise Pointe, our focus is to reduce chronic homelessness. The Rawley McCoy
MicroEnterprise Center gives us a better chance of achieving that goal.

According to the 2020 Point-ln-Time count of homeless in the Victoria area, there were 119 unsheltered persons living in Victoria and 73 persons in temporary emergency housing. Politifact Center for Health Journal indicates that homeless persons requiring incarceration and/or hospital care cost the taxpayers of the community 535,000 to 150,000 dollars each year.

We are still in need of funding for interior finishing, furnishings, and equipment for trades/crafts. Donations can be made online, over the phone, via mail, or in person–visitors are encouraged to tour our beautiful property. Call 361-571-2589 to schedule your visit today!

The following support documents are available by
email to [email protected]:
Construction Bid
Floor Plan
Prior Year Fiscal Statement
Current Year Fiscal Statement
IRS Designation Letter