Rebecca’s Report for Promise Pointe Board Meeting January 10th 2019
Developments since December 6th 2018 through January 9th 2019

Promise Pointe Residents:
• Both residents settling in very well.
• R**** participated in Christmas caroling programs with Rebecca at Trinity Lutheran and Incarnate Word Convent
• We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together as a community of 4. There were gifts under the tree for all and food on the table thanks to several generous people.
• Among gifts received were a floor lamp for the library, books of puzzles, adult coloring books, a red wagon, 3 hams + 1 turkey, pies and ice cream, warm clothes, quilts, a music keyboard.
• Both residents are very grateful for all the love and care they have received, especially expressing the feeling of being safe and secure in their new homes.
Volunteer Chaplain:
• Richard Covington met with R**** on 12/13/18.
• A recent eye surgery has interrupted his visits for a 6-week period, however he is available if needed.
• Ruben has been consistent in his visits to the residents. Beside working with them on realistic goal-setting, he has assisted them in doctor visits, shopping trips to VCAM and the grocery store, and accessing other social services.
• Ruben, Andrea Hicks (his field supervisor) and I meet every 2 weeks to discuss the services he is providing while addressing resident issues.
• Eddie Huse has been spending 1 day a week volunteering with various jobs around PP working alongside those of us living here. Of great help has been the removal of old fencing, collecting and creating piles of the scrap metal lying around. He has also offered to have a group of men remove any of trees we want to get rid of in the space set-aside for micro-enterprise development.

Other Jobs done at PP:
• On 12th of Dec Allie McGheehe & Tom Schmidt met with Expansion committee to give input on drainage and update site plan
• Frank’s men have removed a good portion of the scrap metal. Jerry Horn said he will also help with this.
• Mike put in a new plug and cord for a gently used dryer donated by Alma Partida and delivered to us by Frank’s men – we only need a vent for this new dryer now.
• Omar has been working on setting up the 4 computers with MS Office. This was via Tech-Soup. The donated software via this organization is more than $1000
• Deena and Tommy Geitzman delivered 3 bags of chicken feed.
• Site-work has been at a standstill for past 1 month because the ground is too wet.

• Trustees of the KR & Laura Miller Foundation from Inez, Kim Smith and Michael Maraggia, came for tour of PP and left a very generous check.
• Mark and Olivia Blanchard gave a gently used Singer sewing machine and Casio keyboard.
• Alma Partida donated a gently used dryer
• V****’s (resident) sister donated a birdbath, bird houses and garden yard art + 2 small utility carts that after refurbishing will be nice
• Robert McIntyre family donated an outdoor table with umbrella + 5 cookie jars – will keep these for future residents.

Presentations about Promise Pointe:
• December 9th – Unitarian Church – Jim and Randy
• Today Jan 10th Golden Crescent Aging & Disability Resource Center program also had a table display – Jim & Rebecca
Upcoming Presentations
• January 13th – Trinity Lutheran Council of Directors – Rebecca
• January 14th – Communities of Faith – Randy and Rebecca
• January 28th – St. Michael Catholic School, Weimar – Rebecca
• January 29th – Rotary Club – Susannah

Upcoming Events:

January 21 – Making Blessing Bags for homeless – Our Savior Lutheran Church 4102 N. Ben Jordan 9AM-1PM

January 24 – Point In Time Homeless Count–training for this held on Jan 23 at 4:30 – Pinestreet

February 7 – Homeless Symposium UHV Walker Auditorium 5:30-7:30 Dr. Paul Carolson, speaker Q&A with attendees

February 28 – Follow up Symposium – Addressing Homelessness