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A Missional has a heart for the homeless and is willing to make Promise Pointe their primary home and thus become a member of the community. The Missional’s purpose is to help build a neighborhood of mutual respect and encouragement while acting as a liaison between the board of directors and the residents. If you feel that God is calling you to this lifestyle and would like more information, CLICK HERE.

About Us

Promise Pointe is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to provide permanent affordable housing and a supportive community for the chronically homeless in Victoria, Texas and the Crossroads region.

Our goal is to build a transformative residential community to serve our neighbors who have been living on the streets, while also empowering the surrounding community into a lifestyle of service with the homeless.

Modeled on the Community First! Village in Austin, TX, Promise Pointe is a place that enables our homeless brothers and sisters to heal. It is a place where they can rediscover hope, renew their purpose and restore their dignity. Most importantly, it is a place they can call home.

Our Frequently Asked Questions and Potential Resident Checklist pages have more detailed information and we post status updates as well.

Victoria TX homeless assistance


A Bird’s Eye View of Promise Pointe

                                         In just two short years, Promise Pointe has become an actuality. We have constructed 10 Tiny Homes, created a community laundry, library, and bath building, completed several remodeling tasks on existing structures, welcomed many residents who are regaining their independence and creating lives that would have been impossible with out a safe, sound home in which to live. As we near being filled to capacity, we are ready to begin Phase 2 that will include 12 more homes, a second community building, a chapel, dog park, and facilities for microenterprises that will allow community members to create income with their particular talents.

Please consider making a one time donation or better yet, a monthly, or annual donation so that we may continue in our mission to create a better Crossroads by creating a better solution to homelessness in the Crossroads.




Data from the 2019 Point in Time homeless count:

Homeless Evaluated in Victoria & Calhoun Counties
Percent Increase From 2018 Point in Time Count
Living Spaces Available for the Homeless Community



Meet Our Executive Director

Sister Rebecca Janacek is a Sister of the Incarnate Word Sisters of Victoria, Texas. She has recently returned from ministering as a missionary nurse among a marginalized society in Kenya, East Africa. Her experience of assisting people of the nomadic Pokot tribe in development that empowers their lives has put them on a journey to claim their place in the larger Kenyan society. Now upon her return to the U.S. she is ministering to the homeless of the Victoria Crossroads area at Promise Pointe. Located in Raisin just outside of Victoria, Promise Pointe is a faith-based, non-denominational organization offering transformational development interventions for the homeless. Building a nurturing neighborhood made up of those seeking to leave their life of homelessness, multiple opportunities to bring them beyond their current state to a sustainable newly homed state are offered. As the Community Director of this endeavor, Sister Rebecca lives at Promise Pointe offering guidance, encouragement and a compassionate presence to the residents.


Homelessness in the Crossroads is an immediate community problem that nothing currently will satisfy or support.

Ending Homelessness Through Community

How You Can Help


Skills, talent or trade with clients and tenants.

Do you have a few hours once a month to help with navigating paperwork necessary for accessing VA or some other benefits? Do you have experience in social service and would like to chat with residents to help them get past the stumbling blocks that created their homelessness? Do you have a skill that you could share with someone that might become a hobby or a marketable skill?


Financial support to help make such a community possible.

So far, we have received individual and foundation grants for ten homes, a multi-denominational chapel, renovated the community spaces, and created paths between all current structures. Our current needs include funds/in-kind donations for an access road to Phase 2, a parking area (necessary for volunteers, residents, micro-enterprise events, and visitors), air-conditioning units for two structures, two 20′ shipping containers that can be modified into storage/maintenance buildings, a second bath/kitchen/laundry/classroom building, and 12 more houses.

You can donate here, in person, mail a check, or over  the telephone!


A friend. Provide interaction residents need.

Promise Pointe has beautiful grounds and friendly residents. Come out for coffee and be a friend/make a friend. Some of the ladies enjoy evening walks for a little exercise–come walk our paths and chat! Our gentlemen work in town but a call to our office would let you know the best time to meet them.


With local support agencies within the community.

Are you aware of a group or foundation that we could contact to further our goal of providing permanent affordable housing, a sense of community, and dignity to Victoria’s homeless? Contact us at [email protected]!

Donations in any amount are always welcome and greatly appreciated! They can be made via USPS, telephone, facebook., or right here. Please consider choosing the option to make your donation monthly to support Promise Point’s mission

The below list provides examples of items that can be covered by the contribution amounts shown.

$50 supplies immediate needs and essentials for one resident
$100 covers utilities for one month
$300 provides rent for first month
$500 pays for furnishings

$1000 helps with building supplies for a tiny home 

$7,500 and higher supports one friend for an entire year

$20,000 covers material and labor to complete an entire home for a resident

Contact Promise Pointe for application information.

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Or call for more information: 361-571-2589

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